Sustainability & Energy Management Simplified

Tracking all energy, water, waste, and emissions data on your journey towards net-zero emissions

Sustainability & Energy Management Simplified



Sustainability Goal Tracking

Sustainability Goal Tracking

Track net-zero or sustainability goals. We will analyze all energy, water, waste, and emissions data to ensure your organization’s goals are on track.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

WatchWire streamlines, automates and standardizes your sustainability reporting process by integrating directly to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, LEED Arc, GRESB, CDP, and more.

ESG Data Accuracy

ESG Data Accuracy

To reach your sustainability goals and combat climate change, your organization needs precise, accurate ESG data. WatchWire’s audit feature continually monitors your ESG data, searching for potential problems. If any data looks incorrect, we alert you.

Utility Bill Management

WatchWire automatically acquires utility invoices from utilities and ESCOs so you no longer need to manually extract and track data.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Easily generate electric, steam, natural gas, and water budgets based off of historical invoice data, combined with various independent variables like weather, occupancy, and more.

Measurement & Verification

Renewable investments, energy conservation measures, and efficiency projects are tracked within Watchwire, then measured and verified to ensure ROI.

Real Time & Interval Data Monitoring

Your real time and interval data is analyzed alongside your utility data, providing visualizations that give you the ability to identify energy inefficiencies and take advantage of opportunities to save.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions Calculation & Tracking

Reducing your organization’s greenhouse gas emissions is one of the biggest ways you can combat climate change and respond to the growing number of consumers who want companies to be more sustainable. However, you can’t reduce emissions without tracking them first. WatchWire tracks Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, renewable energy credits (RECs), global warming potential, and more

Renewable Tracking

WatchWire allows you to consolidate all onsite renewable production data (solar, fuel cell, battery, etc.) across multiple sites and vendors in order to track and report actual production vs. guaranteed or warrantied production.

ESG Data Accuracy

To reach your sustainability goals and combat climate change, your organization needs precise, accurate ESG data. WatchWire’s audit feature continually monitors your ESG data, searching for potential problems. If any data looks incorrect, we alert you.

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C&I Customer Engagement Platform for Utilities

Our integrated sustainability & energy management platform is available as a private-label solution to improve customer satisfaction and engagement and increase your company’s value.

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WatchWire helps you keep up with digital transformation and improve customer satisfaction
WatchWire gives you the ability to collect disparate energy, sustainability, and meter data on a national & global basis and share it with your customers
WatchWire provides visibility into customer portfolios to determine new services or programs to offer
Trusted by the Leaders in Sustainability

The tool is extremely intuitive to use and well organized, but doesn’t skimp on advanced functionality in any way including data APIs, efficiency/renewable project M&V, budgeting, and bill simulation

Cobb P., Global Energy Operations Lead

Management Consulting

Without measuring and monitoring data, you cannot make progress. Partnering with EnergyWatch has enabled us to properly and accurately measure, verify, and improve our impact.

Mattan Sharvit

Corporate Sustainability Manager, Pompeian

The WatchWire platform has reduced our data entry in both our AP system and the spreadsheets we previously used to track energy consumption and rates. The reporting capabilities are robust and give us more timely and useful information

Philip O.,Deputy Chief Financial Officer


EnergyWatch’s watchwire energy data management, emissions, and waste and recycling reporting platform is a valuable tool used by Brookfield. The reporting platform helps our property managers, engineers, and executives monitor cost and consumption trends across all commodities nationally and has also decreased the time and effort required for our annual GRESB reporting.

Richard Bachia

Executive Vice President, Operations, Brookfield Properties

The first time I saw WatchWire, I went back to my leadership and said, ‘we have to have this’. WatchWire is so superior to our internal development efforts that switching was an easy - and way more affordable - decision

Product Lead

Energy Services Company

From procurement, energy analytics, demand response monitoring, regulatory report and due diligence — if it has to do with energy, we habitually call EnergyWatch.

Hank Celestino

Executive Vice President, Management & Construction, L&L Holding Company

Fantastic experience. The team not only helps with our needs but offers consulting on areas outside of their scope. Without this service an additional headcount would be required to manage the program. And we would have to obtain a separate software.

Bernard H.,Senior Strategic Purchasing Manager


Software is simple, informative, and intuitive…Best customer service I’ve ever received

Tony B.,Energy Engineer

Biotech R&D Campus

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