Measurement & Verification

When investing in new equipment or a new operational strategy for your business, it is imperative to measure & verify your savings. Let us handle the analytics so you can ensure that your energy efficiency projects are meeting their goals.

Track all invoice and metering data in real-time

Easily uncover any inconsistencies

Automate utility invoice data collection

Report successful projects directly to sustainability reports

Key Product Features

M&V Dashboard

WatchWire’s measurement & verification project dashboard offers a high level view of all active or completed efficiency projects.

M&V Analysis

All projects are measured and verified according to IPMVP and ASHRAE Guideline 14-2014. Designed by an AEE accredited Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), our M&V module processes both IPMVP Option B and C analysis, depending on the data fed to the module.

M&V Analytics

WatchWire’s provides analytics for total dollar savings/cost avoidance, carbon impact, energy savings, and return on investment.

Non-Routine Adjustments

In the cases where the project is seeing low or negative savings, there may have been non-routine adjustments that need to be considered into the project’s M&V analysis. Non-routine adjustments can be entered directly into the M&V analysis.


M&V project performance reports can be run directly in WatchWire’s reporting module.

Measurement & Verification
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