Real Time & Interval Data Monitoring

Energy is the most volatile operating expense for buildings, but it is also one of the most controllable and explainable with proper real-time and interval data monitoring.

Track portfolio against carbon offset goals

Automate utility invoice data collection

Quantify avoided utility costs and emissions

Prioritize additional renewable investments

Key Product Features

Real Time Monitoring Dashboard

WatchWire’s real time monitoring dashboard provides an overview of your meter’s data, viewable by day, week, year, or billing period.

Renewable Production Tracking

WatchWire connects directly to your renewable generation sources, delivering either a lagged or real-time data integration of all onsite renewable production data (whether solar, fuel cell, battery, etc.) across multiple sites and vendors.

Heat Map Analysis

The heat map visual provides actual demand, temperature, and heating or cooling degree days, making it easy to spot anomalies in equipment or operating times.

Monthly Profiles Analysis

The monthly profiles analysis breaks down usage each day over the course of a month, providing graphic images for each.

Daily Profiles Analysis

This visual graphs the average usage per day for the past year to ensure daily usages are meeting expectations depending on seasonal regularity.

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