How to Utilize Sustainability Software

What Is Sustainability Software? Sustainability software is a solution that helps companies manage all environmental data, such as emissions from their energy use, climate information, biodiversity, waste, and finances. Sustainability software is used as a tool for organizations to effectively…

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Sustainability ESG
Reporting to CDP: Webinar Recap

Recapping 2022: 3 Proposed Standards The regulatory environmental landscape continues to evolve every week. Before we jump into updates for 2023, it is essential to provide a short recap of events that defined the disclosure landscape in 2022.  In March…

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Product Spotlight
Product Spotlight: Data Auditing and Assurance

Through automated and user-audited processes of utility invoices and energy data, we help you maintain the highest quality of data, boosting transparency and trust, and ensuring that you are prepared for external assurance. Our platform conducts pre and post-ingestion auditing…

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