ESG Data Accuracy

Your organization's sustainability efforts can only succeed with accurate, high quality data. WatchWire ensures the completeness, coherence, and correctness of all your energy and sustainability data.

Automate utility invoice data collection

Data completeness, coherence, and correctness

Guaranteed data accuracy via data audits

Increased transparency to investors and stakeholders

Key Product Features

Data Quality

Data quality is audited by WatchWire upon ingestion, mapping all line items to specific component buckets and utilizing machine learning to process new or unrecognized line items.

Data Completeness

WatchWire integrates all data, alerting you if any bills or invoices are missing.

Data Coherence

WatchWire ensures data is coherent based on historical observations, flagging any invoices that exceed set thresholds.

Standardized Sustainability Reporting

WatchWire streamlines, automates, and standardizes the sustainability reporting process by integrating directly to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, LEED Arc, GRESB, CDP, and more. Knowing your ESG data is complete and correct across all reporting frameworks allows you more time to focus on meeting your organization’s goals.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting Integrations

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