Renewable Tracking

With the rise in net zero emissions goals, onsite renewable generation or RECs offsets are becoming widespread. The issue, however, is that renewable production data exists among various platforms, making tracking and reporting the performance of your renewables a challenge.

Visualize your renewable offsets

Analyze actual vs. guaranteed production

Automate utility invoice data collection

Transparency into production issues

Key Product Features

Renewable Production Tracking

WatchWire centralizes all onsite renewable production data (whether solar, fuel cell, battery, etc.) across multiple sites and vendors.

Visualize Renewable Offsets

Easily view the percentage of your electricity consumption that is renewable vs. purchased from the grid, incorporating any purchased RECs from contracts, on-site generation, and purchased electricity from the grid obtained from your utility bills.

Sustainability Reporting

With integrations to several sustainability reporting frameworks, you can easily integrate your accurate emissions data into your sustainability reporting efforts.

Financial Reporting

WatchWire gives you the ability to analyze actual vs. guaranteed production for agreements that have these clauses, like PPAs and lease agreements.

Operational & Engineering Analytics

Alert your operations or engineering teams of any issues with renewable production.

Sustainability Reporting

Vendor Agnostic

Helpful Resources

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