Peak Load Management

Peak load management should be a strategy adopted by all C&I facilities, regardless of budget. Meaningful results can be achieved with low-cost/no-cost strategies. To effectively manage your peak load, you need the information the utilities won’t tell you - when peak load hours are going to occur. With a predictive analytics platform, like WatchWire, you will be alerted when peak load hours are likely to occur so you are prepared to act out your peak load management plan and reduce your load while saving your company money.

Measure & verify efficiency projects

Capture the full value of peak load management

Alert you when peak load hours are likely to occur

Automate utility invoice data collection

Measure & verify peak load capital improvements

Key Product Features

Peak Load Dashboard

In territories with capacity charges such as PJM, NYISO, and ISONE, up to 40% of your supply rate is determined by your one or five peak-hour contribution(s). WatchWire notifies you when the grid is expected to peak (based on our integrations with load forecasts from each ISO, combined with proprietary analyses), sending email notifications so you can take appropriate actions to curtail demand and save money.

Peak Load Analytics

In addition to the graph summarizing the peak load values for NYISO, ISO-NE, and PJM, WatchWire provides further detail on the usage predictions for the week ahead compared to the YTD max peak load by percentage.

Measurement & Verification

With WatchWire’s measurement and verification module, you are able to analyze the performance of capital or operational adjustments made to manage your peak load demand.

Procurement Performance Analysis

WatchWire provides procurement consulting to ensure you're taking full advantage of your peak load reductions when
managing your RFP for electricity supply.

Measurement & Verification
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