Automated Utility Bill Management

Manually extracting and tracking data in Excel spreadsheets is a thing of the past. WatchWire’s automated utility bill management gives you more time to focus on your sustainability action plan.

Reduce GHG emissions

A single source of truth for all your utility data

Analyze utility data against business KPIs

Automate utility invoice data collection

Less time in spreadsheets, more time for your sustainability goals

Key Product Features

Automated Invoice Collection

WatchWire automatically acquires utility invoices from utilities, capturing each and every line item and categorizing them into their respective components buckets - consumption, demand, flat charges, taxes, and miscellaneous fees.

Utility Auditing

WatchWire statistically audits bills as they are integrated, alerting your team of any anomalies.

Accounts Payable Integration

WatchWire’s audited utility data set can be directly integrated with your accounts payable software to streamline the payment of bills.


With over 30 standard reports in WatchWire, users can generate reports based on specific line items to find consumption/demand/cost trends, weather impact, budget performance, facility comparisons, KPI analysis, and more.

Measurement & Verification

WatchWire’s measurement and verification module uses the line item component breakdown to accurately calculate true marginal cost savings due to efficiency projects (rather than simple average unit cost, which is incorrect and potentially misleading).


WatchWire gives you the ability to easily generate electric, steam, natural gas, and water budgets based off your actual historical invoice data, combined with various independent variables like weather, occupancy, and more.

Real Time & Interval Data MonitoringUtility Bill ManagementMeasurement & VerificationBudgeting & Forecasting
Measurement & Verification

Learn more about how WatchWire tracks energy conservation measures and efficiency projects, measuring and verifying them according to IPMVP and ASHRAE Guideline 14-2014.

Measurement & Verification
Budgeting & Forecasting

Learn more about how WatchWire generates electric, steam, natural gas, and water budgets based off of historical invoice data, combined with various independent variables like weather, occupancy, and more.

Budgeting & Forecasting
Renewable Tracking
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