WatchWire + Tango Customer FAQs

As a valued customer, we wanted to share with you some exciting news about WatchWire.  As of today, WatchWire has been acquired by Tango. Combining the technologies of both companies will allow us to provide a full set of Sustainability and Real Estate Management Solutions along with a great investment to continue to build on the foundation of what WatchWire offers today.

Below we have consolidated some FAQs for your use.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager.


What is Tango and WatchWire announcing?

Tango and WatchWire are pleased to announce that Tango has acquired WatchWire, the leader in sustainability and energy management SaaS. WatchWire helps companies reduce emissions and expenses while simplifying sustainability and carbon reporting.

 Who is Tango?

Tango was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX. Tango offers Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) and Store Lifecycle Management (SLM) solutions. The company’s software includes predictive analytics, portfolio strategy, transaction management, project management, lease administration and accounting, facilities maintenance, space planning, desk and room booking, and visitor management. Tango products are used by over 400 customers across more than 140 countries.

 Why did WatchWire agree to be acquired by Tango?

Recently WatchWire entered a process to explore strategic options to accelerate the company’s vision as either a stand-alone company or as part of a larger organization. It was during this process that WatchWire was introduced to Tango, along with other organizations. It became clear that Tango and WatchWire shared a vision of the future of the industry and how our combined capabilities would provide a unique opportunity for both companies to grow and bring new and innovative solutions to the market. Partnering with Tango will provide WatchWire with the capital to grow and flourish as part of Tango’s platform of products.

Tango’s focus has always centered around locations – helping organizations plan, build, operate, and use real estate to achieve their objectives. Over the last decade, these objectives have evolved. It’s not just about how organizations can leverage real estate to enable strategy, operations, and performance – it’s also increasingly about how their real estate footprint impacts our planet and the people who live on it.

 This is where WatchWire comes in as a perfect complement to Tango’s real estate lifecycle product set. WatchWire enables customers to monitor and optimize energy consumption to minimize occupancy costs, meet regulatory requirements, and operate more sustainably.

Finally, in addition to the natural product fit, our cultures are also in alignment. Both companies embody the same values and traits – both companies are founder-led, have grown from consultative origins, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, provide our customers with deep domain knowledge, and are focused on innovation.

Buildings, or the “built environment” as it is sometimes called, generate 30% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 40% of energy usage, while construction uses 32% of the world’s natural resources. Together, our solutions can help companies deliver on their ESG goals and promises across all stages of the real estate lifecycle – from portfolio strategy to site selection, design & construction, leasing, facilities maintenance, and space management – not just report on it.

How does this acquisition impact WatchWire’s product strategy?

One of the driving factors behind Tango’s acquisition of WatchWire is the company’s thought leadership and product vision. Tango plans to accelerate WatchWire’s existing product roadmap as well as add additional items based on feedback from our customers and partners. Furthermore, Tango plans to integrate the platforms and develop new joint products to address market and customer needs.

 What does this mean for WatchWire customers?

WatchWire customers can expect to receive the same outstanding sales and support for their products. There is no requirement for WatchWire customers to use the Tango product. However, customers will be able to benefit from the complementary capabilities of both offerings, thereby providing greater value across the entire real estate lifecycle.



Should customers using WatchWire products continue to use their regular support channels, and can they expect to receive the same levels of customer service they have come to expect?

Absolutely. Tango and WatchWire remain committed to a high quality of ongoing customer support. We want to ensure that your daily business activities are not affected by the integration of the two companies. Customers should continue to use the same support channels they have been using, whether online, by phone, or through the Customer Success team. All contact information will stay the same until such time WatchWire email addresses change to Tango. This transition will occur in the future and all WatchWire employees will be notified well in advance.

Will Tango continue to sell WatchWire products?

Yes. Tango acquired WatchWire so that the two companies can combine our strengths in a true partnership. Together, we offer customers a breadth of capability and expertise that is unchallenged.

Will the account team for WatchWire customers change?

There are no changes regarding WatchWire account teams at this time. During the integration of the two companies, we will strive to bring departments together into a single set of processes leveraging common tools., We plan on maintaining the expertise and knowledge of the existing team to ensure customers continue to receive the same level of care they have come to expect.

How will support for products already licensed be handled?

WatchWire is committed to high-quality customer support and will minimize any impact on customers and how they do business. WatchWire will continue to support all WatchWire products.


Will planned product releases for Tango and WatchWire be changed?

We strive to provide customers with the best solutions and enhance the value of their investment. In the near term, there will be no change to release plans for WatchWire products. It is very important to note that we will continue to support all current products. As we move forward, we will evaluate how and when to bring our release timing and schedules into a unified process.